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Speed, Freedom and Trust are becoming the most important currencies for commercial success.

Development cycles are slowed down by Red Tapes and Operational Hassles. Over the period many organizations have put up governance bodies and with the emergence of cloud native implementations, these governing bodies have turned into obsolete stage gates, causing product delays, dissatisfaction and frustration among the engineering workforce.

Hence, Major reform & refresh is required in these governing bodies.

Now, When we are a member of a governing body, we have a tendency to be overprotective and the aftermath of overprotection is not good for commercial success. We will not be able to experiment or deliver faster under overprotection, somewhere we have to Trust our builders, our engineers.

A balanced approach of governance and enablement is MUST and that’s the hardest part to establish.

In order to compete, deploy faster and have commercial success, we need to have strong cloud native line management. So have:

  • Cloud Access, a must toolset in line management
  • Cloud Security, a must skillset in line management.
  • Cloud Cost, a must ownership in line management.
  • Preventive Guardrails, a must accountability in line management.

Sumit Sihag

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