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Organizations and Leaders who fearlessly embrace SPEED, FREEDOM and TRUST are transforming their workforce into a true cloud-native culture.

In this series I am sharing my experience perspective on Cloud Native Transformation that is happening around us. The future is exciting and folks who are entering the workforce for the first time are truly blessed.

This series has three episodes covering an engineers perspective on Speed, Freedom and Trust:

  • Episode 1 – Speed
  • Episode 2 – Freedom
  • Episode 3 – Trust

So, what is SPEED and how to implement Speed for commercial Success ?

Speed in Commercial Success is :

  • Acting Fast on Customer Knowledge
  • Evolving Fast in Customer Experience
  • Experimenting Fast in Products

Every organization knows a lot about their customers and that’s why they have Petabytes of Raw Data. However, how fast you can act on customer knowledge and how fast you can serve your customers when they need it is the key to commercial success.

You have to serve your customers in a way they want to be served. And this personalization at customer level is NOT enough anymore, you have to personalize your service at event level.

  • Consistent environments as baseline
  • Deployments & Changes as assets
  • Baby Steps as strength

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