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The world’s most innovative companies are outpacing their competition with smaller, more dynamic tech teams who deploy faster and have full freedom to build products.

Freedom ? Deploy faster ? What does it mean ? CI/CD , DevOps have been there for a long time so what is the difference ?

In my experience & perspective , the difference is embracing Freedom, the difference is building Autonomy in teams, The difference is reducing handshakes between teams.

Every Team MUST build its product with a mindset to enable “self-service” for its customers.

There was desktop first approach, then there was Mobile First strategy , then came Cloud First similarly now there should be Self-Serve Strategy in every platform you build , every product you launch and that’s how we can promote faster deployments.

So, in order to embrace Freedom (Autonomy) in the workplace so that teams can function independently, leaders and architects must think about following three processes:

  1. Commoditization of Enterprise Platform
  2. Empower developers to choose their own tech stack
  3. Standardize bootstrapping

Sumit Sihag

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