In order to scale product development, more people across the enterprise must have a way to access the production data whenever they need it.

There are many individuals in every company who are potential consumers of insight. So how will you get data access into the hands of everyone ?

Let’s talk about it. Actually the complexity in data governance or data access, comes from two main challenges:

  1. Movement of people.
  2. Constant need to access the data across domains

People move from project to project, team to team, position to position and they have a constant need to access the data across domains to build a meaningful value for their customers.

Let’s take a look on data access layout in cloud ecosystem and see how it can help us to implement data access at scale.

Three key points to Scale Data Access

  1. Use native access controls provided by your data warehouse services.
  2. Automate the identity creation & binding process.
  3. Build your toolkit to dispense time-bound access tokens.

Access is all about enabling more people across the enterprise to create and engage with data

Sumit Sihag

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