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Measurement of customer satisfaction is the most critical KPI that drives business integration with your cloud implementation and time to market (or speed of delivery) is the promoter of the customer satisfaction.

Asset ownership is MUST when change is constant

People move, line managers shuffle, new owners get assigned, new departments pop up. In this scenario when change is constant, a robust tagging framework that can be quickly refreshed and aligned with the org changes is the key to keep your cloud implementation in-sync with business objectives.

So here are the KPIs to measure business integration:

  • on-prem vs cloud

Quantifying percentage of applications that are running on-prem vs on-cloud, will give a signal on business integration with cloud platforms.

  • Cost per Customer / LOB

Show back is must and robust tagging can simplify show back.

  • Time to bring new features to market

This KPI drives fast deliveries, innovation and growth. A must have.

  • Measurement of Customer Satisfaction

By measuring customer satisfaction, typically using Net Promoter Score, in line management. By NPS can influence line managers to expedite cloud adoption and that too with customer satisfaction.

These KPIs must be there on everyone’s dashboard to keep your cloud implementation focused on results.

Sumit Sihag

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